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Announcing Deals and Specials Page

Not everyone is on the TUFF site everyday. Sometimes we make changes that run under the radar, but this change is one you should know about and we think you will really like.
Everyone loves a great deal, and we know that you are no exception. We work hard to give you the best prices possible on the most rugged and beautifully designed LED Light Bars, LED Work Lights or LED Axillary Lights in the market. We just launched a new page here to show you the best deals we have.
This page will change from week to week. When we can offer a better price, we pass that to you. But when we are out, we are out. So check back to see what might be the right light for you.

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New Products for the New Year

We have been slowly adding a few now products on the site, and wanted to make a more grand announcement to some interesting new lights we have.


Curved Series 50 Inch

The Curved Series with even more to love! This light has been a big seller since we launched it a few weeks back. We now have that light packaged with a integrated wire harness, making it easier then ever to get this light installed quick and easy. Take a look at it on it’s product page. Curved Series LED Light Bar – 50 Inch 288 Watt – Combo w/ Integrated Wire Harness


Portable Lighting

We have some more portable lights to our family. We started a long time ago with the K100 as the best possible portable lighting system on the market. Compact and waterproof, it has a small foot print and a long battery life. It gave the best possible light available in any location you can get to. The response was so strong we looked for some other products that would add to the options that we offer. Instead of just repeating ourselves, we found some other lights with very different specs but kept the core concept.
We now have the X-90, our heavy hitter.
The XL-200, broad and tall.
And the perfect addition to the family, our LED Tactical Flash Light for added light in any tight spot.


Big Power Wire Harness

While a wire harness isn’t the sexiest product we offer, it’s possibly the most helpful. Running custom wire is a pain, and having a few different solution for your next build is sometimes priceless. We have never liked the kinds of wire harness that are on the market. They are flimsy and tend to burn out. Our universal Wire Harness is great, but when you are running a lot of lights, you need something a whole lot bigger. That where our Big Power comes into play. Use this guy when you need the best of the best for large light bars and more work light then the law should allow.
The Big Power Wire Warness


New Defcon Sizes

This light could be said to be our best looking light we offer. We have been talking to our customers about what sizes they would like to have, and have started to carry some new lengths to fit almost any location. We now offer this light in