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The Redesigned TUFF LED LIGHTS

What do you think so far?

I hope everyone is doing well out there. Behind the scenes there has been a lot going on at the TUFF HQ. To keep our site growing, we have rebuilt it from the ground up. If you knew the old site, it had served us well for many years. But as time moves on and technologies improve, to keep delivering the best products at the best prices, we need to move with the current, not against it.
When we first built the Tuff site, small businesses selling products online was a new concept. eCommerce solutions where in their infancy and but for the first time, store owners could build out a site to sell directly to their customers. Times have changed. Now there are hundreds of options for selling products directly to the customer. For us, one platform has proven track record of reliability and integration, WooCommerce. Our investment in a new platform was large, and we needed to make sure we were investing in future, not a fly by night solution. On this new platform we completely re-imagined our site design. Right now, WooCommerce makes up about 25% of all eCommerce solutions on the web. It is light and agile. There are hundreds of stable integration and new ones being developed everyday. The ecosystem that supports it is strong and filled with some of the best minds in eCommerce today.
As you look around, you might see some brand new features, and some old favorites.
What’s new???

What has changed?

We simplified the look and feel.

To make sure that nothing was getting in the way of what really matters, the products we sell.

We have made our site 100% responsive.

We live in a world where people shop on dozens of devices, some times at the same time. Our design take away the frustration of mobile shopping and makes our site complete on all devices.

We have re-organized our products.

To make finding the right light easier then ever.
We have cleaned up the shopping cart and checkout to make the purchasing process simple, easy and secure.

What hasn’t changed?

Our commitment to you.

Our only real goal at the end of the day is to get you the best quality lights at the best price on the internet.

Our top notch customer service.

We take pride that we are a real company, staffed with real people living in beautiful Colorado. Too many web sites are blank skins for shell companies with fake addresses and unchecked email boxes. Just like our customers make all the difference, our people make the difference possible.

What will never change!!!

The quality of our lights.

We make sure that our lights are the best you can buy.

Our relentless need to always have fun.

We take our light seriously, not ourselves. We will away have a smile and quick joke here at TUFF HQ.

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Announcing Deals and Specials Page

Not everyone is on the TUFF site everyday. Sometimes we make changes that run under the radar, but this change is one you should know about and we think you will really like.
Everyone loves a great deal, and we know that you are no exception. We work hard to give you the best prices possible on the most rugged and beautifully designed LED Light Bars, LED Work Lights or LED Axillary Lights in the market. We just launched a new page here to show you the best deals we have.
This page will change from week to week. When we can offer a better price, we pass that to you. But when we are out, we are out. So check back to see what might be the right light for you.