PAR 30 LED Light Bulb – 110-277V 16 Watt – Spot – CREE


uff LED Lights’ energy-saving LED flood light and spot light bulbs for recessed and PAR lighting fixtures are used in commercial and residential buildings. These Tuff LED Lights offer significant savings over the life of the bulb compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs with the same light output. To identify the right bulb, see the PAR number on the existing incandescent or halogen bulb or given in the fixture specifications to select the appropriate sized PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) bulb for the application.

Designed for commercial performance, Tuff’s PAR 30 LED Bulbs are ideal for accent lighting. The outstanding color consistency and excellent color rendering make these lamps optimal for display, recessed, and track fixtures. Tuff LED Lights PAR30 LED Bulb selection includes Long or Short Necks, Medium Bases, Flood or Spot Beam Spreads and Various Kelvin temperature.

The long life of Tuff’s PAR30 LED Lamps provide up to 50,000+ hours of light. The fewer installations mean reduced maintenance costs and the illumination is achieved at a lower cost to the home, business, and the environment. The reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint of these bulbs contribute to a brighter future for everyone. These bulbs can be placed directly into existing PAR30 halogen fixtures making it an easy transition to smooth dimming lamps that’s adjusted to any specific need.

Upgrade to LED lighting with Tuff LED Lights dimmable PAR30 LED Lamp Light. Give your stepladder a long rest. Our Tuff Par Bulb’s extended life makes it well suited for high ceilings fixtures and other hard-to-reach lighting applications. Consuming only 11watts, these cool-operating LED bulbs can be used in non-dimmable fixtures. This is a high-quality bulb with 6 Cree LEDs and High-quality press fit construction; this will replace any normal 60W incandescent and will significantly lower energy consumption.


Three Year Lamp Warranty
Major Power Savings
Constant Light Output
Solid-State, Fast Turn-On, No Power Surge
Long Life: Lumen Maintenance of the White LEDs Is Greater than 70% at 50,000 Hours of Operation.
No Ultra-Violet or Infra-Red Emission
High Shock / Vibration Resistant, Both Electrical and Mechanical
Easy Installation, Using PAR30L Fixtures
UV Stabilized Plastic Lens, Aluminum body
UL Certified
High CRI
Weight: 0.725 lbs. / 329g
Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-4°F to ~+104°F [~-20°C to ~+40°C]


Track Lighting
Spot Lighting
Display / Cabinet Lighting
Architectural Lighting
Art Gallery and Museum Lighting


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